Here is a partial list of the kinds of hardware and software design projects I have been involved in with each of my past employers.

Scitex Digital Video


Worked on hardware and software design for ImMIX digital video non-linear editing systems, including:

     � VideoCube�

     � TurboCube�

     � StrataSphere�

     � MicroSphere�


� Video compression (Wavelet and Motion JPEG)

     � Quantization and adaption algorithm "tuning"

     � System bandwidth and storage calculations

     � Realtime control software

� Digital video effects (DVE)

     � Hardware design

          � Reverse address generator

          � Interpolator

          � Additional special effects

     � 3D Transform + Warp control software

     � Wipe "tracking" software

     � Keyframing and interpolation software

� Audio system specification and implementation

     � Audio DSP compression and effects

     � Keyframing and interpolation software

     � Hardware specification and performance testing

� Disk storage specifications

     � Performance testing and system bandwidth "tuning"

     � Worked with 3rd party array and adaptor vendors

� Effects database software

     � List management

     � Keyframing and interpolation

� Editing system transport subsystem software

     � VTR Machine Control

     � Disk system scheduling

� Character generator subsystem

     � Software rendering/compositing port



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